We solely focus on the Food & Agri sector in the Benelux.

We believe in the sector

We focus on the Food & Agri sector because the sector is supported by solid fundamentals and favorable macro trends.

Food & Agri businesses have a massive economic, social and environmental footprint and represents 10% of global consumer spending and is still growing.

World population will grow to 9,2bn in 2050 and will lead to higher demand for food products.

The average global daily calorie intake by humans is expected to grow further, leading to a higher demand for food products.

Land constraints and limited available resources drive the need for increased productivity and innovation.

We believe in the region

We focus on the Benelux region because the region is among the key Food & Agri regions in the world.
The Benelux is the second largest net exporter worldwide of Food & Agri products.

The Benelux region shows a high number of (innovative) mid-market Food & Agri companies (> 190.000 companies).

Given the large number of Food & Agri companies in the Benelux, this region will continue to play a vital role to meet the challenges the world faces and will provide attractive investment opportunities.

We believe in passion

We focus on the Food & Agri sector because we are passionate about the sector. Most of our professional lives we have been working as investment professionals and entrepreneurs in this sector.

In our team we are passionate about the entrepreneurship, the opportunities, the challenges and crucial environmental and economic role the Food & Agri sector plays and will play in the world for the coming decades.

We are able to add value as we understand the key challenges within the Food & Agri sector like cyclicity and commodity volatility, weather and environmental factors and seasonality.

Our experience gives us the ability to be highly selective in choosing the companies we invest in and partner with.