Victus is an independent, privately-held investment company

Victus combines the long term investment experience and network since 1992 in the Food & Agri sector to support and grow Food & Agri companies in the Benelux.

Entrepreneur or family owned

The majority of the companies we acquire are entrepreneur or family owned. We are highly experienced at working with family groups and management teams.



Victus is focused exclusively on the Food & Agri sector. We utilize extensive industry expertise to execute a differentiated and disciplined strategy, targeting attractive businesses in the food and agribusiness sectors to solve problems and create innovative solutions which enhance value for sellers, management teams and our investors.

Accelerate growth

Victus will help companies to accelerate their growth along or to its next S-growth curve. The Victus team is highly experienced and successful in working with companies applying the “S-curve” principle.

Create partnerships

We believe in building sincere partnerships with the management teams of our companies.

The Victus investment team is highly experienced at working with individuals, family groups and management teams to navigate the many challenges and sensitivities, involved in transitioning an acquired company to the next phase in its history.

Unique approach 

We believe that each company has its own and unique position on its growth curve. Each position requires a unique approach.

We have a long term experience in identifying the position of a company on its growth curve and can therefore collaborate with- and support management to develop detailed and unique short-, medium- and long-term strategic plans for the business in order to create value for our investors.



We invest in healthy, mature and well-led companies in the Benelux operating along the entire Food & Agri value chain, including equipment, packaging and services.

Value creation will be achieved by growing the company along its current or next S-growth curve and bring the company to a higher profitability level supported by a clear and sound strategic plan which is thesis-driven.


Supporting companies to realise their full potential.


We provide two main types of equity investment:

Growth Capital:
in which investments Victus takes both minority- and majority equity stakes.

Buy-out capital:
in which Victus acquires control or co-control of the company alongside management.

We are flexible in our deal structure and can find the right solution to optimally support the company in its next growth phase.



ESG Standards

In Food and Agribusiness investing, value creation and sustainability can go hand in hand. Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) concerns have naturally integrated into our Business.

Victus aims to guarantee that all our portfolio companies work in an ethical way and responsible way. They should act with responsibility towards the community and environment in which its operates. The adherence to ESG standards should be measurable and confirmed in our due diligence.

ESG Incorporated

Outcome of our due diligence on ESG elements will serve as input for the Victus investment plan and the business plan in which plans measurable ESG objectives are agreed with management.

ESG Monitoring

During the yearly review of the business plan and budget, the agreed ESG objectives will be discussed and appropriate actions will be identified if the objectives are not or partially achieved.


UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s ). For the Fund it is also important that the targeted companies are able to have positive impact on one of the three UN SDG’s “Zero Hunger”, “Good Health and Well-Being” and “Decent Work and Economic growth”.




Meeting the Victus Eligibility Criteria


Proven, profitable and sustainable business model


Ambitious and high quality management team willing to work with the Victus Team


Mature companies active in the Food & Agri Value Chain


Equity Ticket between € 2 and 20 million


Clear and strong growth Potential along and to its next S-Growth Curve


Headquarters in the Benelux and internationally active


Positive Operating Cashflow


Companies with an enterprise value between € 5 and 30 million (co-invest € 30-200 million).

General exclusions: illegal activities, fraud, weapons, drugs, tobacco, pornography, violation human rights and use of child labour.


Victus aims to actively contribute to the development of each of its portfolio companies.

We create partnerships

We create long-term, sincere, mutually beneficial partnerships with the right people. We build strategic alliances among our investors, operating partners, portfolio companies and management teams to deliver positive and sustainable results to all our stakeholders.

We are fully committed

We are fully committed as co-investors in the Victus fund and we are fully dedicated to support our portfolio companies with the Victus team, including our operating partners.

We understand

We understand Food & Agri. We are able to add value to the acquired companies as we understand the key challenges within the sector such as cyclicality and commodity volatility, government regulatory intervention, weather and environmental factors, seasonality and intensity of working capital.

We let management run the business

The management and Victus each fulfill their own role: the management is in full charge of daily management and Victus and its operating partners advises and supports the management where needed.

As shareholder we support companies in areas of expertise such as:


Acting as a sparring partner for strategic decisions.


Access to a well developed national and international network, including the managers of our other portfolio companies.


Providing access to extensive in-house knowledge on financial, tax and legal affairs that the Victus team gained with all our transactions and companies.


Support during acquisition and/or investment projects.


Support with succession and further development of management teams.



We respect the entrepreneurs and management teams we work with, our partners and shareholders. We respect earth’s natural resources and expect from our portfolio companies adherence to agreed and applicable ESG standards.

Long-term partnerships

We create long-term, sincere, mutually beneficial partnerships with the right people. We build strategic alliances among our investors, operating partners, portfolio companies and management teams as well as other participants to deliver positive and sustainable results to all our stakeholders.


We work tot the best of our ability in the interest of our companies and investors. We strive not to sacrifice long-term good for short-term gain, and we seek to set the standards for good practice as a partner and an investor.


We value a culture of openness, mutual dependency and collective purpose. And by following investment processes that are clear, systematic and where all information is shared.


Our long-term success depends on whether we can add sustainable value to our portfolio companies. Our overall emphasis is on quality across every aspect of our business.